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Skin types: All skin types

Targeted Concerns: Dry flaky skin, Acne, Skin redness, Irritation, Red bumps, Aging                                        spots,

At RICH SKIN we care about the beauty within nature. RICH SKIN Rose Water Toner is derived from the finest rose petals, steam distilled to infuse the richest goodness of rose extract.

Roses are known for their” beauty magnificent” for centuries. RICH SKIN Rosewater toner is a blend of tradition and modernity to help cleanse and nourish the skin.  Incorporate it with an anti-aging beauty regime to uplift protection against UV damage and fine line.

Its Extraordinary antibacterial properties fight off skin infections along with boosting up the recovery time from existing breakouts. The Anti-inflammatory activeness is a blessing to calm down irritations, reduce puffiness and redness. The result is glorious, radiant healthy skin.

It’s a heavenly ingredient for all skin types. For oily skin- it plays the role of a natural astringent by drawing out extra oil and dirt from the pores that lead to acne breakouts. For dry skin – it is a skin barrier that holds skin moisture leaving it hydrated and extra smooth.

Don’t underestimate the divine fragrance, it is a stress reliever, and a treat for the mind, and soul.

How to use:

After face cleansing, soak a cotton ball into the luxurious RICH SKIN Rose Water Toner and apply gently onto the face and neck. The soothing treatment is prep for applying moisturizer or serum.

Ingredients call outs: 

Organic, cruelty-free, Paraben-free, recyclable material for packaging


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