Sunscreen For Oily Skin SPF 50+

This cream protects the oily skin with SPF 50+ from sun damage. It also treats hyperpigmentation and minimizes dark spots.


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Specially developed for an oily skin to prevent the face for sun damage, skin-aging and blemishes. Protects your skin’s sebum balance and creates a barrier on your skin. It protects the skin in all seasons with this nourishing sunscreen with SPF 50+. It is quickly absorbed and is water resistant. Contains vitamin E to nourish your skin.| 50 ml


PANTHENOL – Also known as Vitamin B5. It prevents skin irritation and helps to store moisture in the skin.

UREA – Care products with urea in their formula help to increase the moisture holding capacity of the skin.

VITAMIN E – Strengthens the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and minimizes visible blemishes. Slows down your skin-aging process.


1. Apply a good amount of the Sunscreen to your face before going out into the sun.

2. Apply the Sunscreen to the entire face 20 minutes before you go into the sun.
3. To ensure protection from the sun, repeat the application process every 2 hours.

Repeat applying after sweating, swimming, or towel drying.


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