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Skin Type                  All skin types, Acne-prone skin

Targeted concerns:   Dull, Dry, Dehydrated Skin, Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation,                                           Uneven, discolored skin tone,

Replenish your skin with our amazing Vitamin C Serum. The benefits of vitamin C and thin velocity serum are bottled up in one pack for optimum effectiveness. A dime size of our highly concentrated vitamin C serum smoothly seeps into skin layers, in no time, seamlessly penetrating all the goodness of Vitamin C.

The powerful staple ingredients Vitamin C brightens up the skin, tackles blemishes and dark spots by blocking excessive pigment creation. Fills fine lines, fights wrinkles, and ensures firm skin by stimulating collagen growth. Our potent formulation helps reduce open pores, discolored skin tones incredibly well

How to use

For better results, in the morning routine, apply a few drops of this efficacious serum; let it sit for a few moments. To maximize its benefits, lock the serum by applying a moisturizer. It will safeguard against free radicals and environmental stress.

At night after cleansing, this is the secret weapon to go on skin first, apply moisturizer afterward. The active antioxidants are all set to regenerate and revitalize your skin at night. You will notice illuminating, radiant skin in just 10 days.

Ingredients call outs: 

Organic, cruelty-free, Paraben-free, recyclable material for packaging


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